WATCH: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson says he and his family tested positive for coronavirus

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson announced on Wednesday that he and his family tested positive for COVID-19 and that they’re all recovering from the respiratory disease. He spoke about this in an 11-minute long video he posted on his Instagram page.

Johnson said that while the symptoms his two daughters had were rather mild, the disease hit both him and his wife the hardest. He also noted that he will be enacting stricter guidelines on social distancing in his home as he says the infection began when friends who were unaware they had the disease visited the family’s home.

“I could tell you that this has been one of the most challenging and difficult things we have ever had to endure as a family,” Johnson said. “And for me personally too as well, and I’ve gone through some doozies in the past.

“We’re all counting our blessings because we’re well aware that it isn’t always the case that you get on the other end of COVID-19 stronger and healthier,” he continued. “…Some of my best friends lost their parents, their loved ones, to this virus that is so incredibly relentless and unforgiving, and it is insidious.”  

The Rock and his family are apparently all “on the other side” of this virus, as they are doing well and no longer contagious. The friends who came over while contagious have since apologized, he says, any trusted family and friends who come to his home will now have to be tested for the disease before being allowed over.

Johnson then turned the message into a PSA about doing what you can to limit the spread of the virus, and scoffed at the notion that simple things like wearing a mask while out in public is a political act.

“Wear your mask. It is a fact, and it is the right thing to do, and it’s the responsible thing to do,” he said.

The United States recently passed six million total cases of the respiratory disease as of Monday, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. The total number of confirmed cases worldwide is more than 25 million, meaning the U.S. accounts for about 24% of all cases around the globe despite only having around 4% of the world’s population.

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