2020 Masters prize money, purse: Payouts, winnings for each golfer from $11.5 million pool

Winning the Masters is worth far more than any amount of money you could possibly attain for the victory, but boy, the payout is pretty great, too. The 2020 Masters purse is again set at $11.5 million for the second straight year with the winner taking home 18% of that sum for mastering the Augusta National course and taking home a green jacket.

It is the second straight year that a Masters champion will earn more than $2 million, and while you won’t get a green jacket, the second place prize of $1.24 million is not that shabby, either. That’s more than can be earned by the champion of many PGA Tour events any given season.

The Masters purse is so impressive that the third-place finisher will receive as much as the entire field did when Jack Nicklaus won the 1986 Masters.

So while one of the last things a green jacket-earner will be thinking about come Sunday afternoon is how much money will hit his bank account next week, it’s still pretty great work … if you can get it.

Dustin Johnson entered Round 4 as the 54-hole leader and the odds-on favorite to claim those championship prizes. Will he get the job done? We are at a blistering pace rolling to a finish at Augusta National, and the eventual champion is still up in the air. Here’s a look at all the prize money and payouts for the 84th Masters.

2020 Masters prize money, purse, payouts

Total purse: $11.5 million

1st (Winner): $2,070,000
2nd: $1,242,000
3rd: $782,000
4th: $552,000
5th: $460,000
6th: $414,000
7th: $385,250
8th: $356,500
9th: $333,500
10th: $310,500
11th: $287,500
12th: $264,500
13th: $241,500
14th: $218,500
15th: $207,000
16th: $195,500
17th: $184,000
18th: $172,500
19th: $161,000
20th: $149,500
21st: $138,000 
22nd: $128,800 
23rd: $119,600 
24th: $110,400 
25th: $101,200 
26th: $92,000 
27th: $88,550 
28th: $85,100 
29th: $81,650 
30th: $78,200 
31st: $74,750 
32nd: $71,300 
33rd: $67,850 
34th: $64,975 
35th: $62,100 
36th: $59,225 
37th: $56,350 
38th: $54,050 
39th: $51,750 
40th: $49,450 
41st: $47,150 
42nd: $44,850 
43rd: $42,550 
44th: $40,250 
45th: $37,950 
46th: $35,650 
47th: $33,350 
48th: $31,510 
49th: $29,900 
50th: $28,980

When golfers tie for a position, their share of the purse is an average of what those competitors would be paid if they were positioned in order. Every professional golfer who finishes lower than 50th will receive cash prizes ranging downward from $28,290 depending on their scores and finishes among the field.

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